Jesus Christ is Risen Today


Music Program

The biblical picture of worship is one of abundance and extravagance. Psalm 150 furnishes a long list of things that could be used to praise God: trumpets, lutes, harps, tambourines, dancing, strings, pipes, and all different kinds of cymbals, many of which are heard at St. John’s throughout the course of a year. At the end of the psalm, as if the writer’s imagination has run out things to list and wishing to encompass just about everything on earth, the writer invites “everything that has breath” to join in praise God. This is the kind of worship we try to offer at St. John’s to the God who showers us with abundant and extravagant grace. 

Chancel Choir

The St. John’s Cancel Choir is the backbone of our music program. Made up of a mix of dedicated volunteers and a professional quartet, the Chancel Choir sings just about everything: ancient chant, tried and true Lutheran Chorales, arrangements of spirituals, music from around the globe, praise songs, music written 500 years ago, and music written just yesterday. We rehearse at 8am on Sunday mornings and are always looking for more friends to join in.

Community Choir

Open to singers of all ages, levels, and abilities, the St. John Community Choir is an all-volunteer group that sings once a month at the 9:30 Sunday service. We gather to rehearse before the service and specialize in repertoire that is fun and easy to pick up.

Praise Band

Gathering for seasonal performances, the St. John’s Praise Band brings a contemporary flavor to our music offerings and features musicians on keys, vocals, guitar, bass and drums. 

Handbell Choir

St. John’s merry consort of bone vide ding-a-lings performs quarterly on Sunday mornings and at our 11pm candlelight Christmas service. We rehearse on Monday nights from 7:15-8:15pm. 

Guest Singers and Instrumentalists  

We are blessed with a number of excellent instrumentalists and singers who enrich the worship at St. John’s. If you are interested in singing or playing your instrument in worship, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact our music director Robert.


Bradford Organ

Our magnificent two-manual, 32-rank Bradford organ is the breath of our congregational signing. For complete specifications, please visit the Organ Historical Society.